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What your vote does

Your vote is really important. Choose who you want to represent your voice and views in Parliament.

Voting is our opportunity to choose the best people to make decisions for us locally, nationally or internationally.

The people we vote for become politicians. We can choose who becomes a politician because we live in a democracy.

A democracy is when the people who live in a country get to decide who runs the country.

The United Kingdom is a democracy because we can vote to decide who is in charge.

In a democracy, if you don’t agree with the people in charge you can vote in an election to try and change that.

If you do agree with the people in charge, you can vote in an election to make sure they become politicians again.

Politicians have to listen to the people that vote for them. If they don’t, people might vote for somebody else next time.

It is important to remember that people with a learning disability and autistic people have the same right to vote as anyone else.

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