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Supporting someone to vote by proxy

What you need to know to support someone to register for and cast a proxy vote.

Voting by proxy means the person you care for or support asks someone to vote in person or by post on their behalf.

Why vote by proxy?

The advantage to voting by proxy is that there is more time to sit and think about who to vote for without the pressure of preparing to do it too.

It also means if they are going to be away during the election their vote will still count.

And some people might decide to vote by proxy if mobility issues, higher support needs or mental or physical health issues means the voting process would be too stressful for them.

Things to be aware of

While voting by proxy has its advantages, there are some important things to be aware of.

They must choose someone they trust to vote on their behalf and the person they choose must be registered to vote and registered to vote in that specific election.

The person they choose will vote either in person or by post on their behalf and they must vote for the candidate(s) they’ve been asked to.

If they want to vote by proxy there is an extra registration process. Visit this My Vote My Voice webpage to find out how to register to vote by proxy.

Quicks tips for supporting someone to vote by proxy

Create a buzz

Create colourful posters, mood boards and flashcards together and hold debates and other events where everyone can ask questions (props are positively encouraged!) and you can even invite local politicians, politics students, or other local experts.

Involve everyone important

Try to make sure everyone important is involved throughout and the chosen proxy understands their role and why it’s so significant. Dedicating a person to oversee this and make sure everyone is happy and comfortable can help.

Take advantage of the time and comfort it provides

Sit down together with a nice drink and snack to read and talk about the process. This can take place over days while they think about who they would like to vote for.

Celebrate their vote

While they aren’t casting their vote themselves, they are still voting and that’s a wonderful thing! Help them celebrate in a fun, exciting way they’ll enjoy and make them feel special for this big event.