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How to vote by proxy

Voting by proxy, or a proxy vote, means that you let someone else vote on your behalf. If you are thinking about voting by proxy this accessible easy read My Vote My Voice webpage will guide you through what to do.

You need to be registered to vote by proxy

You need to be registered to vote if you want to vote by proxy.

When you are registered to vote you need to tell your local council that you want to vote by proxy. This is called registering for a proxy vote.

There will be a deadline to register for the proxy vote before each election.

If you are already registered to vote you can find out how to register for a proxy vote on this My Vote My Voice webpage.

If you are not registered to vote, visit this My Vote My Voice webpage to find out how to register.

Choosing the right person to vote on your behalf

You have to trust the person to vote for the candidate you have chosen.

This person should be someone who cares for your best interests.

This person must also be registered to vote and they must be registered to vote in this election you are asking them to be your proxy vote for.

This person can visit your polling station or apply for a postal vote in order to vote on your behalf.

They must vote for the person or people that you want to vote for.

It is important to talk to them about this and make sure they understand.

Preparing to vote by proxy

It is important to think about who you want to vote for and make sure the person who is voting on your behalf understands and knows too.

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