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I am an elected representative

MPs and elected representatives have an important role in making accessible voting a reality. Make the pledge today – become an Accessible Voting Champion.

As a champion, you can help by…

  • Providing accessible information to constituents about your role as a public representative.
  • Campaigning to raise awareness about My Vote My Voice among your colleagues, staff, and in the media.
  • Joining and arranging accessible election hustings for constituents to directly engage with you and ask questions about your policy positions.
  • Championing the rights of autistic people and people with learning disabilities at constituency and national level.

Why we need accessible voting champions

Did you know that less than two thirds of the general public know that autistic people and people with learning disabilities have the equal right to vote as they do?

Our democracy has one of the highest turnouts in the world, yet voting in it remains inaccessible for so many people. My Vote My Voice wants to change that and make the electoral system more reachable and easier to take part in, regardless of one’s needs or abilities.

To do that, we need your help. We’re calling on parliamentarians and local leaders from across the political spectrum to support My Vote My Voice as Accessible Voting Champions.

How can My Vote My Voice support champions?

As an Accessible Voting Champion, you will have full access to our online resource bank. These include impartial, Easy Read guides on voting registration and the electoral process. They will greatly help all constituents, especially those who are autistic and or who have a learning disability.

Champions are encouraged to display and include My Vote My Voice materials at their constituency clinics and other events. Our resources may also be used as guides for you to make your communications clearer and more accessible.

As key campaigning allies, My Vote My Voice will regularly brief our Champions on the latest campaign news, events, research, and data for their constituencies.

We can also help Champions engage more closely with advocacy groups and Disabled Persons’ Organisations on advancing accessible voting in their local areas.

Meet our accessible voting champions

Representatives from all parties can sign up to be an Accessible Voting Champion. Find out which of your colleagues is championing equal voting rights in their constituency.

Meet our champions

Get in touch

If you are an elected representative, Peer, or policy maker and would like to know more about how you can support our campaign, please email us at