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Accessible resources 17th June 2024

My rights at the polling station

This is a document you can personalise and show to polling staff so they can understand the reasonable adjustments you need, and the laws which support them.
Campaign spokesperson, James, gets support to vote.

‘My rights to at the polling station’ helps you nominate an individual aged over 18, who you would like to support you to vote.

You and the person supporting you needs to be eligible to vote in the UK. If the person supporting you is not eligible to vote in the UK, you will need to work with the presiding officer to vote.

This document does not replace the need for Voter ID or the application necessary to vote by proxy.

The back of this document has information on the law in order to debunk the myth a person can be prevented from voting on the grounds of a lack of mental capacity.

The Elections Act 2022 requires returning officers to “take all reasonable steps” to provide support for disabled voters at polling stations. People voting and those supporting them have every right to ask for reasonable adjustments and they should stand firm if anyone says otherwise.

This is not a form of Voter ID and does not replace the required applications needed to vote by proxy.

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